How Being Emotional at Work Had Me BROKE


I am an EMOTIONAL person.

I wear my heart on my sleeve, well; I’m working on that aspect of my character. Regardless, I’m known to speak up for myself. I used to get emotional over the smallest things. I was forced to learn at a younger age why I shouldn’t bring my emotions to the workplace. In fact, I learned twice.

In 2006, I worked 2 jobs. One of the positions was as a cashier at a local pharmacy. I managed to start working there at only 14 years old in 2001 and I increased my salary by 50% by the end of year 2006. I loved the job. It was flexible enough for me. I was taking a break from college and it was just right. However, I was too comfortable. My other job was as a patient sitter with a local hospital. I would work the first job from 5pm-9pm and the second job from 11pm-7am. When did I have time to sleep? I was in a relationship that just wasn’t working. I remember walking to work while he did nothing. I distinctly remember him telling me it wasn’t his responsibility to give me a ride to work and you know what? He was right. Those words are why I will ALWAYS attempt to do things on my own before asking for help.

Back to my story!

Emotions and Work: How being emotional at work will keep you broke

One day at my first job I remember I came to work mad as hell. I don’t even remember what I was mad about. I just remember taking customers, a longer line forming, my manager not assisting me, and then… BLACKOUT.

I tore off my uniform shirt. I had nothing on but the white tank that was underneath and the khakis I wore to work. I left. I threw the store keys on the counter and I left. I never looked back.

I walked across the street to Tuesday Morning, a little home décor store, and called my mom to come pick me up. That was the end of my career as a cashier.

I was now left with job #2 which paid me less than job #1. I lost money. Now I was scrounging to try and transfer into an actual patient care technician role to make up for me being stupid enough to walk away from a job.

You would think it was then I realized that

Nope. I still didn’t figure it out until 5 years later….


My anger towards someone else caused me to lose MONEY.

Translation:  I WAS BROKE.

Now, I have several techniques I use to make sure I don’t bring my personal affairs to the office.

  1. If you have had an argument right before work, take 10mins to breathe and relax before walking into work

This is so important. I don’t know how many times I walked into work with a frown on my face. I bet people thought I was crazy. You don’t want to show your boss or coworkers that you can’t handle pressure. Because that is what it was, Pressure. I didn’t know how to handle issues.  I’ve learned that I worked too hard to end my career by being angry and stupid.  Things certainly changed now that I have 2 kids.

  1. Yogi’s Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea

I love the stuff. This is not a sponsored post by any means and I am not a doctor. However, this tea makes me feel on cloud 9.

  1. Smile when it hurts

If you need to take a minute and cry; Go to the bathroom, do your silent cry, use some Visine, and get back to work. Work will not stop for you and you shouldn’t stop your work for things that don’t matter.

  1. Stop calling into work

This was my DOWNFALL. I would call into work whenever I had an issue with my ex. How stupid was I? I’m not saying you are doing this, but just DON’T DO IT!


I’m here to help. I did some pretty stupid things and for the life of me I still do not understand how I have been able to increase my pay so quickly. It has been a learning experience and I don’t want you to make the mistakes I made.

Comment below and tell me: How do you handle your emotions at work?

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