I had a chance to do a little test in the past couple of months regarding women and career. I asked thousands of my woman followers this question, friends, why would you continue to stay with a company where you have not received a promotion or raise?

The answers: Fear and Complacency

I have never been afraid to leave a job where I wasn’t getting the income I deserved and I don’t think you should be afraid either.

Why Moving Jobs Every 3 Years will increase your income

Throughout my years of working in corporate America I have noticed that if you don’t change positions or companies every three years, you will be left behind. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. I have only remained employed with one company for over 3 years. During that time, I was promoted to a supervisory position and received double my pay. I have also watched individuals stay with companies for over 10 years only to continue to receive less than they are worth.

Did you know that new hires could potentially come in receiving a higher salary than you? You would more than likely train them as well. I don’t know about you but it was a blow to find out that I was training individuals that were making $10,000 more than me. A complete blow to all of the hard work I put in with that company. I felt used, under-valued, and disrespected.  I eventually found me a higher paying job where they actually valued my work.

Please do not allow fear to hold you back from getting the income you deserve. Always remain relevant in your job.

Take the tasks that others will not take

DO a little research. Most CEOs moved around several companies before ultimately becoming CEOs.

When you stay with a company and knowingly acknowledge that you will not fight for your raises and promotions, you allow the company to step on your toes and ultimately step over you. They won’t value you or your work.


Always fight for your income. Your family and life depends on it….


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